domingo, 22 de junio de 2014


Nota de Editor:

Fotografía del Fotoperiodista Eric G. Madroñal apropiada indebidamente por varios medios

´ I am a journalist but not a reporter and not a photographer. I am a picture editor. I have worked with photographers, some of them famous, others unknown, for more than fifty years. I have sent them out on assignment, sometimes with a few casual suggestions, other times with detailed instructions, but always the challenge is the same: Get The Picture. I´ve accompanied photographers on countless stories; I´ve carried their equipment and held their lights, pointed them in the right direction if they needed pointing. I´ve seconded their alibis when things went badly and celebrated with them when things went well. I have bought and sold their pictures for what must total millions of dollars. I have hired scores of photographers, and, sadly, I´ve had to fire a few. I´ve testified for them in court, nursed them through injury and illness, saved them from eviction, fed them, buried them. 

Photographers are the most adventurous of journalists. They have to be. Unlike a reporter, who can piece together a story from a certain distance, a photographer must get to the scene of the action, whatever danger or discomfort that implies. ´  Get The Picture by John G. Morris. Pages 7 and 9.