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© José Horna

The picture Impasse Lebouis (Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson). Paris XIV made by the Spanish photographer José Manuel Horna has been selected for the Leica Fotografie International Master Shots Category, one of the most prestigious ones within the picture taking scope.Enlace

José Horna is a remarkable photographer living in Bilbao (Basque Country) who has specialized on black & white photography in the genres of social, travel, and street photography, also being an accomplished expert in the Jazz concerts coverage sphere ( a domain on which he has made a number of photographic exhibitions throughout his career), featuring a twenty years old experience, having proved his prowess as a user of Leica M and Nikon cameras, with a rather coherent trajectory and a number of top-notch photographic essays and exhibitions among which we must highlight:
Continuity of Paris, Jazz/Photography/Liberty, Jazz Quintet (Photographic Exhibition), Round Jazz (Photographic Exhibition), Bits of Jazz (Photographic Exhibition), Jazzographies in All about Jazz (more than 1,200 photographs), Take the Basque Train (Jazz 2001), Sometimes in Blue (Jazz 2002), Jazz in the Mirror (Jazz 2003), Big Jazz ... Small Jazz (Jazz 2004), Wehre is the Jazz (Jazz 2005), Rhythm Changes -with tears- (Jazz 2006), ´No Photo!!! blues (Jazz 2007), Free Photo & Improvised Jazz (Jazz 2008), Jazz in the Bag (Jazz 2009).

LFI is currently deemed the best photographic magazine in the world, along with Amateur Photographer, Photo Techniques, Viewfinder, The British Journal of Photography, Digitális Fotó Magazín, Rangefinder and Leica Magazine (Italy).

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