jueves, 27 de enero de 2022


 By José Manuel Serrano Esparza 

FV Photography Magazine publishes in its January 2022 number 280 a six page in-depth article made by its director Alfonso del Barrio, in which he reports on the historical and highly moving journey with a large number of visitors which took place on December 3, 2021 inside the Assembly Hall of the Municipal Office of the Obejo Town Council in Cerro Muriano (c/ Los Arces, 44) with the presentation of the book Robert Capa in Cerro Muriano, September 5, 1936 : Birth of Modern War Photojournalism, which was attended by Ramón Hernández Lucena (Delegate Deputy of Democratic Memory and Cooperation to Development in Córdoba), Pedro López Molero (Mayor of Obejo-Cerro Muriano-Estación de Obejo Town Council), Adela Romero Blanque (Culture Town Councillor of the Obejo-Cerro Muriano-Estación de Obejo Town Council), Juan José Obrero Castro (President of the Cerro Muriano Entrepreneurs Association), Susi Gómez (Librarian of the Municipal Library of Obejo Town Council in Cerro Muriano), Higinio Gálvez Capitán (a great expert on digital technology and all kind of electronic devices, as well as having been the person who made an excellent layout of the book), Lisl Steiner (one of the most important and influential photographers in history, great friend of Julia Friedmann, Robert Capa´s mother, and also of his brother Cornell Capa and his wife Edie Schwartz) who travelled by plane from New York to Spain to be present at the event, Robert Baldridge (Photographer and Reporter of The New York Times in Europe), Alfonso del Barrio (Director of FV Photography Magazine) and José Manuel Serrano Esparza (Member of the Leica Historical Society of America and author of the book). 

Alfonso del Barrio makes an accurate biographical sketch of the Austrian-American photographer and describes Lisl Steiner´s fascinating personality, explaining that in spite of currently being 94 years old, she made a strenuous effort to be able to attend the event live, travelling by plane from New York (United States) to Spain, being very warmly welcomed by Cerro Muriano inhabitants, infatuated with the humbleness of this remarkable woman and photographer, who gained their affection and would be interviewed by Canal Sur TV Channel the following day, December 4, 2021.